About Us

A Clean Bay Plumbing is a commercial and residential plumbing company with 25 years of experience serving the Hampton Roads area.  Over the years, we have seen how costly and inconvenient it is when a hot water heater stops working properly.  Residential customers have had their days completely disrupted and lose the ability to go about any of their normal daily routines.  Commercial customers have a different dilemma… the Health Department requires businesses to shut down operations until their hot water is restored, so our commercial customers have had to close and wait until parts were ordered and installed, or the heater replaced before they could reopen.  This type of situation can cost a business a substantial loss of profits.

A Clean Bay Plumbing saw a need, and developed a solution to help both our residential and commercial customers.

We are proud to announce a brand new, revolutionary division to A Clean Bay Plumbing – 1 Hour Hot Water.  We have designed a system that will restore hot water to your residence or business on average within one hour or less.  This means our residential customers can go about their day as normal with complete use of their hot water.  For our commercial customers, a hot water heater can be installed while their business remains open uninterrupted.

Peace of mind with one call!